About Us

Green Mountain Rose is a concept and a title that blends our roots as a family, the City of Roses(Oregon), with the land where we sprouted, shot up and grew, here in the Green Mountain State(Vermont). We are a blended family of six: Peter, Myself (Ronilynn), three teen daughters and our son. Over six years ago we moved here from The West; (Peter) back to his east coast roots and adopted second home in Vermont, Me (Ronilynn) and the girls east of The Mississippi for the first time, and our son, the only true Vermonter (it’s a real thing) born shortly after our arrival.

We have a half an acre, the remains of what was once a beautiful ornamental garden, and we wanted to make it pretty once again, in a way that suits us. Our focus is on our family. We are the more unconventional blended family, yet we share this more unique family unit and style with so many others, and our triumphs and struggles are shared by many other families, blended or not, different or just like the rest. Our focus, for us, for our property and my business, is to hone in on what we can do and create for ourselves and others, while strengthening our family core by involving everyone and becoming more efficient. The results of this is reflected in our products, in witch we make with love and respect for our land and animals. We try our hardest to live a clean and waste free lifestyle. Witch is a challenge these days! Everything has plastic or its not affordable. We hope to provide quality handmade products at a reasonable price. Thank you for helping us make it possible!